Information for Alabama Responsible Vendor Certification Program

Alabama Employer Account

Alabama Employer Account
For store and bar or restaurant managers/owners, to get your license(s) certified in the Responsible Vendor Program, you will have to initially train all your employees, then submit your paperwork.  After your establishment is certified in the RVP, new employees must be trained within 30 days.

Signing up a company for Rserving's RVP training is a simple process. Just add this Alabama Employer Account to your cart and pay the $95 set-up fee.

For this set-up fee, PSCC will help you with your initial paperwork, help you customize the course with your establishment policies and you can begin training your employees online for only $9.98 per employee.

After all your employees are trained, PSCC will also assist you in submitting the required documentation to the Alabama ABC Board and send your policy sign posters in the mail.