Information for Alabama Responsible Vendor Certification Program
Who needs to be RVP Certified?

The Alabama Responsible Vendor Program Certification is generally voluntary for licensees, except in the following cases:

The following establishments need to be RVP certified:

  • On-premises licensees who hold a retail restaurant license (020 license type) and would like to hire 19- and 20- year old servers and allow those servers to deliver alcohol to customers
  • Licensees in cities or counties where local law requires RVP certification

Benefits of RVP Certification:

Receiving and maintaining RVP certification for your establishment has a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower likelihood to violate Dram Shop Laws with properly trained employees
  • Protection of liquor license in case of a violation by a trained employee, as long as the owner is not involved with violation
  • Responsible serving helps keep customers and communities safe
  • Larger hiring base for retail restaurant licensees
  • Improved business and community relationships through the prevention of problem situations