Information for Alabama Responsible Vendor Certification Program
Rserving's Alabama RVP Training: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
There's a one-time employer account set-up fee of $95. After that, purchase courses for your employees at a discounted price. For establishments that are not currently certified, there is also a $35 fee per license that must be submitted to the ABC Board along with your Responsible Vendor Program application.

Can an employee get trained on their own?
No, Alabama state law requires that training be specific to the establishment.  Rserving's online training courses include Alabama state laws and establishment-specific policies and procedures.  To train employees, an employer can start by setting up an employer account with Rserving to get the course customized with their policies.

How long does the training take?
Our online courses are self-paced and geared to meet the learning needs of every student, so the amount of time spent on the course will vary.  With that in mind, our online courses for On-Premise servers and Off-Premise sellers are rated at 3-4 hrs worth of material.  Depending on the student and their knowledge of the topic, it could take less time or more time.

How does the online training work?
After the employer account is set-up and the course is customized with establishment policies, the employer can purchase online course tokens and assign them to their employees using a unique email address or username.  Then employees can log in using their username and password.

Once they're logged into their account, the student can click on the course logo to get started.

The course covers responsible serving® of alcohol, including the effects of alcohol, reducing underage drinking, and reducing drunk driving.  The course consists of a series of lessons that each have a knowledge assessment (pre-quiz), lesson materials, electronic flashcards, and a lesson quiz.  After you've successfully passed each lesson, you will be able to take the final exam.  If you do not pass the final exam the first time, you will have another chance to review the material and re-take the final.