Information for Alabama Responsible Vendor Certification Program
Want to know more about the RVP training process?

Rserving® is here to help you get the training you and your employees need to be RVP certified for the state of Alabama.

Here's a brief overview of the training process:

  1. Check out our online information or contact us at 800-247-7737. We have a detailed training document that we'll be glad to go over with you.
  2. If you're ready to sign up, you can set-up an employer account and pay the $95 set-up fee online.
  3. Send scans or fax your Alabama ABC liquor licenses to us.
  4. Read through and sign contract for training with Rserving.
  5. Work with Rserving® to document your establishment policies to be included in the course.
  6. Go over training details and questions with an Rserving® representative.
  7. Train employees for a discounted price (new RVP applicants have a 90 day window to complete employee training).
  8. For initial RVP certification, submit the RVP application & Report of Server, Seller, and Manager training to the ABC Board along with the $35 surcharge per license.  For changing course providers (if you are currently RVP certified), submit your Change of Course Provider form to the ABC Board.
  9. Rserving® will mail your policy signs to be posted at customer entrances and where alcoholic beverages are displayed for purchase.
  10. Once certified, train all new employees within 30 days of hire.
  11. Follow-up on training with semi-annual meetings (material provided by Rserving).

Rserving® is here to help you with every step of the RVP training and certification process. Contact us at 800-247-7737 for more information about training.